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No longer do you have to imagine how to create a solution for your project. TownSprout has the experience and ideas to meet your needs. We are always thinking and never rest until we make your idea come to life.

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Company Information

We started in 2013 with an idea to bring technology to our local town. It grew into a pilot program that later became a technology platform. From there we perfected our framework and began rolling out custom software and data analytics. We are now deploying cutting edge solutions leveraging data analytics.

Released Products

Our home grown small town products start with our original ideas. Helping small towns connect to the digital world since 2013 we will continue to enhance our TownSprout core product line.

TownSprout - TownSprout LLC

Our Services

Offering a variety of services including custom software development, data analytics, enhancements to our existing product line or anything technologically related to meet your needs.

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Our Think Tank

We are always pushing the bar higher coming up with new ideas for our customers. We are delivering out of the box cutting edge solutions.



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TownSprout Core Framework.

A one-stop-shop for offers and events sprouting at local shops, restaurants, boutiques, watering holes, and more. With TownSprout deployed to your town, the community is guaranteed to experience the best your town has to offer!

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TownSprout Core Features & Benefits


Complete geographical directory of all the places in your town that make it the awesome touristic dot on the map! Reduce your environmental footprint by replacing printed directories and maps with a digital version in TownSprout.


Sometimes the best things are just a few steps away and right under your nose. In this case, in the palm of your hand! By providing an easy to use method, businesses can created on the fly offers or reoccuring specials to attract patrons to their establishments.


Did something cool happen that you never knew about? Tired of seeing awesome pictures show up on social media for events you missed out on? Never again will you miss your local events with TownSprout at your side. Fall festivals, happy hours, yoga workshops, oh-my! So much to do, so little time! Never miss out on an opportunity to experience your local life.


TownSprout is not only a deployed app, but a framework that can be customized and combined with your town brand. Delivering a unique solution for your quaint local main street will help new visitors stop and experience your highlights while keeping locals more informed with consolidated searching.

Push Notifications

Businesses can connect via push notifications. Send a powerful push to drive customers to your latest offers and events!

Community Awareness

Your town has a special personality and unique offerings. With our technology and products, your town can become digital over night. Let TownSprout help put your community into the digital age.

Member Account

Want to update your business information or store hours? Not a problem! TownSprout members can add, edit and remove content within seconds from the palm of their hands.

Sort Through The Madness

Save valuable time searching for something to do on Main Street. To ensure you never miss an upcoming offer or event, create your own customizable itinerary by using the My TownSprout (TS) feature.

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TownSprout Trails Framework.

Using our cutting edge technology, let us build you a digital journey that is sure to dazzle and amaze your eyes. Customize our framework to fit the needs of your trail. Visit the App Store today to learn more about how we created the first beer trail of its kind, HowardOnTap!

I Want A Trail! TownSprout - TownSprout LLC


Baltimore Sun
Got craft beer? If not, there's a Howard County app for that
June 29th, 2015

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